Jaipur Youth Festival-2019

20th December - 22nd December 2019, Jaipur

About Jaipur Youth Festival

Jaipur Youth festival is collective effort put in by young minds that thrive to achieve young indulgence in advancement of our nation. The youth of our nation is raging with ambition to work for the benefit of our society. We through the medium of Jaipur Youth Festival provide a platform to those aspiring youth to come forward and learn, express, interact and work for the betterment of our country.

In our four day event we try to cover every aspect related to our young generation, we talk about various youth related issues, we give them opportunities to express through various medium such as Art, Music, and Literature etc. We focus on dispensing the willing youth with simply a path for a better and resilient society.

We welcome you all to come and be a part of Jaipur Youth Festival 2019. Let us all come together to write history of making a nation which is driven by forces of young, let us come together to make our little contribution, because in an entire ocean too, every drop counts.

Our Vision

Our aim is to equip youth in making better choices as an individual and as a part of our society. We work as a catalyst to provide a platform to the thoughts, beliefs and dreams of the young ones. Our motive is to make our youth envision and strive for an empowered society by making them actively work through every minor obstacle.

Our Mission

We envision a better tomorrow for our coming generations by making them fearless passionate, learned and technically equipped along with holding onto cultural and social values and be a part in making of a empowered and resilient society

Mission statement: Educated youth contribute to enlightenment of nation & enrichment of society.

Jaipur Youth Forum 2016

Jaipur Youth Forum 2016 was one such initiative towards reaching the goal of enrichment of our society through youth. It was a 2 day event which encountered a participation of a diverse audience ranging from the age of 17-25+ years, with different ideologies and beliefs. The sessions were filled with astonishing information, indulging facts, rousing conversation, exchange of beliefs along with music and entertainment.

Jaipur Youth Festival 2017

Jaipur Youth Festival 2017 took our vision of an empowered young generation to a next definition. Jaipur Youth Festival 2017 which took place in Hotel Clarks Amer, Jaipur had an agenda of National Security and National Threats, the three day fiesta witnessed 25 sessions, with 40+ speakers, along with around 10 competitions and included a contribution 100+ volunteer, along with extraordinary evening shows. The festival had an overall participation of 3000+ youth, which came together towards the fulfillment of the dream of an empowered nation.