Jaipur Youth Festival-2018

31st August - 3rd September 2018, Jaipur

Exhibitions in JYF 2018

JYF invites you to execute, inspire and showcase your imagination and inventiveness through various exhibitions on diversified subjects.

JYF Exhibitions are organised presentation and display of exclusive components which enhances your consciousness through an aesthetic approach, by watching different photographs and unique items from diverse fields. Exhibiting various things give this festival a new shape and we hope to inspire the audience by providing a new perspective to watch the world.

Muzibuzz Vocal

Tibet and Culture:

Color Vision Poster Making


Painting is not what you see, but what you make others see. So create something which holds the power to change the world how it sees itself.



Click! Click! If this sound is what soothes your ears the most then come and retouch the world through your lenses at JYF, show the world how you see it.


Short Films:

It is not what a movie is about, it is how it is about it, Shoot the elements of Jaipur youth festival in JYF 2018, and blend in the surroundings through your camera.


Science Technology: