Jaipur Youth Festival-2019

20th December - 22nd December 2019, Jaipur



Anurag Saxena

Founder & Organizer

Anurag Saxena is one of India's Leading Industrialist, Entrepreneur, Social Worker, Motivational Speaker and Writer. Anurag is the founder and director of Moonstruck Entertainments Pvt. Ltd. and Sarthi credit co-operative society limited. He has been conducting a wide variety of social awareness events and workshops, some of which includes Vande Matram : An event in which 50,000 students participated to recite vande matram and run for Vivekananda in which 45,000 young ones took part. He is associated with more than 20 NGOs across India to remove social threats and for the empowerment of the youth.


Anurag Punetha


Anurag Punetha is a prominent face of the Indian Television news industry. He has been in the field since last 20 years, started his journey in television with Zee News, than Sahara Samay, P7 News Channel, News Express, Live India and now he is a prominent face of India's parliamentary channel Lok Sabha TV. He was Channel Head in P7 News, Editor (National Affairs) News Express and Editor Sports in Live India. He has also delved into the print media and worked for Times of India, Hindustan Times and The observer as a contributor.


Harsh Vardhan Tripathi


Harsh Vardhan Tripathi is a highly accomplished and technically empowered professional with over two decades of rich experience in the mainstream journalism, managing multiple economic and socio-political developments of the country. Visionary Professional with an exceptional entrepreneurial track record of expressing analysis on "various articles on contemporary issues" which very often get its own space in leading various journals, digital platforms apart from some national dailies.


Kartikeya Akhawat


Kartikeya is a professional photographer and a leading entrepreneur. He is the Director of Moonstruck Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. & Sarthi credit co-operative society ltd. He is a young, talented and contributing photographer for "Incredible India" - An initiative by Govt. of India and Ministry of Tourism. He also worked for Deemed Builders, including The Tata Housing Projects, Shot a Documentary Film on Punjab Police and For Government of Rajasthan etc. Kartikeya is also committed to working pro-bond for several charities and NGOs and he is gravely devoted for the empowerment of youth.


Padma Shri Narendra Kohli


Narendra Kohli is a Hindi-language author. He is credited with reinventing the ancient form of epic writing in modern prose. He is also regarded as a trend-setter in the sense that he pioneered the creation of literary works based on the Puranas. Because of the large impact of his body of work on Hindi literature, this era of contemporary modern Hindi literature, since about 1975, is sometimes referred to as the Kohli Era. "Todo kara Todo", "Mahasa mar" (Based on Mahabharat) and "Abhuyudaya" (Based on Ram Katha) are the most popular hindi novels among his work.