Do you want Accommodation with JYF? Please proceed with accomadation

(Accommodation Charges Rs. 1250 and Delegate Registration Charges Rs. 750)

Campus Ambassadors will be made from various colleges whose work will be to capture delegations from their respective institution for Jaipur Youth Festival 2019.

Terms and conditions

1. Every Campus Ambassador has to become mandatorily delegate in JYF 2019 by registering himself/herself.

2. Every Campus Ambassador will get a certificate.

3. He/She will be considered to be campus ambassador only when minimum 5 registrations will be done under his unique id which will be provided by JYF.

4. At completion of 5 registrations, fee of campus ambassador will be reimbursed to them and a certificate will be provided.

5. At completion of minimum 10 registrations, other than above perks a gift hamper worth Rs.700 will be awarded.

6. At completion of 20 registrations, a certificate, Fee reimbursement and a gift hamper worth Rs.1500 will be awarded.

7. At completion of minimum 35 registrations, a certificate, Fee reimbursement and a gift hamper worth Rs.3500 will be awarded.

8. 3 Highest number of Registrations Achievers will be awarded by JYF and published in souvenir of JYF.

This category is free to discover JYF, attend seminars, and enjoy performances and foster participants, and visit book fair and exhibitions. General entry can also participate in on-spot programmes by registering themselves at start of the day at our information desk. Register online at www as general entry and avail all these benefits free of charge.